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Telkom.KE Resurrects - But in What Shape?

Telkom.KE Resurrects - But in What Shape?

Orange is a nice colour but Orange.KE the phone company wasn't nice. They lived in their own cocoon far away in Andromeda Galaxy where they spoke a language called ^^^~~~'''''''````
Don't try to pronounce it. You need a rectangular beak to do that.

Now that Telko.KE is back, hopefully they will return to the Milky Way and to Planet Earth. Further, hopefully they will adopt one of .KE's official languages. 

They have a very full IN Tray. Take this issue for example: How on Planet Earth do you disable a daily Internet bundle subscription in Telkom's network? You innocently subscribe to a tariff(?) called Horror and true enough, its been a horrible saga ever since. You buy 100/- worth of credit. The Horror creature eats 49/- and the X-monster eats 49/-. You are left with 2 bob airtime!  What on EARTH is this?

Is is a new form of BATIKA betting game? Gory! as the English say. What Horror is this? Is their marketing guy/girl from Central where they have lamdadism? So Holla and Horror are considered equivalent?

Take me to Earth pronto. This Andromeda galaxy is creepy.

So how do you UNSUBSCRIBE?

Believe it or not, it's actually possible. After trying email, Twirer, Teregram, Whazap and all the others for a whole week, I finally managed to extract the following very valuable information (at 98/- per day, the loss to your personal wealth works out to be close to 2 million bob over your working life not taking into account down time, ISIL and other galaxial effects):

1. Dial *544# on your Telkom.KE line (formerly known as Orange)
2. Select Option 3 (data bundles)
3. Select Option 5 (XL Offers) - don't make the financially fatal error of selecting Option 1
4. Select Option 1 (XL Daily 400...) - apparently the other options do not self-renew
5. Select  Option 2 (Unsubscribe) then confirm (1) and you are done

Horror Story

For Holla (Horror?), it goes as follows:
1. *544#
2. Option 5 (Horror!)
3. Option 5 (unsubscribe)
4. Option 1, 2, and 3 in sequence if you can't remember which Horror Story you subscribed to else chose 1 OR 2 OR 3 to unsubscribe.

Beyond the humour (humus?) and above everything, the Messiah is coming soon. Prepare well


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