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Writing Gīkūyū on Android Devices

Unlike PCs that present nightmares for Gīkūyū writers, Android inadvertently solved the keyboard constraints that the typical PC presents. The two letters ī and ū in Gīkūyū require a tilde (~) above the letter. The Android keyboard (am using 5.1) offers a way out if you can tolerate the bar instead of tilde. 
To get ū, press the letter u and hold for a second. You will see the following letters  displayed from which you can chose:  ū ü ù û ú
In a similar way, you can select i and press the key for a second to get ì ï ī î í from which you can chose the desired letter. 
If you want upper case letters, press the shift button first↑. Hence you can get  Ū and Ī.
Cheers as you gleefully enjoy your vernacular.

Above everything, the Messiah is coming soon. Prepare well