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Treating Windows 7 Search Frustrations

If you are a Windows 7 user, it is likely you got very very frustrated with the apparently very very smart search interface that  excels  at frustrating  its user. Try finding a file in your computer that contains "recipe." For getting the right answer, I award you with a PhD specializing in Windows Search techniques.

Just in case you are an ordinary human being like me who just can't get it, here's what I found.

Type the following in the search box: content: "recipe"

See below for a pictorial illustration.

Oh, by the way, if your search term hs more than one word, suround them in quotes. So do not use this format: 
content: wave guide

Use this:  
content: "wave guide"

Installing NGINX with PHP and MySQL

My OS: Windows 7 Home Premuim 64bit Software Installed:NGINX 0.9.5 for Windows PHP: MySQL: mysql-5.5.9-winx64.msi NGINX Installation Download from Unzip into C:\nginx Change the nginx.conf in C:\nginx\conf as per instructions at See my nginx.conf file here. Note that in this example, it is assumed that PHP is installed in C:\nginx\php (unzipped into this folder) and MySQl is installed in C:\Program Files\MySQL
PHP Installation After downloading the zip version of PHP (V6, threadsafe, zip), unzip into C:\nginx\php\ Rename php.ini-production to php.ini Make changes to this file as given in at but do not expect the line numbers given to match exactly. Activate the extensions extension=php_mysql.dll and extension_dir  = "ext" MySQL InstallationAfter downloading the latest VC6 version, run the in…

Free Video Production Tools - Updated June 2017

A list of free or open source video production and publishing tools. Updates coloured orange:
Tubecast - Batch uploading of Youtube videos. DownloadVSCD  is Video Soft's free video editor. Quite descent. I have used it to create videos for my precious students.Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder (FLME) - Live media streaming to popular Content Distribution Networks (CDN) such as Ustream and Kingdom Stream. DownloadOBS -Open Broadcaster Software   is a replacement for FMLE. It's rumoured to work better after you have figured out how to make it work. I don't like their brand icon though. It reminds me of a certain bad number.Deepburner (free edition) - Deepburner is used to creating and copying DVDs and CDs. DownloadRoxioburn - Comes with Windows 7. Used to burn DVDs/CDs and also copy them. LightWorks - Video editing. Download.DVDStyler - DVD designer. DVDs are old school now...Windows Movie Maker. A Windows movie creator. Download.
 Oh dear, its obsolete.Flowplayer- Free streaming…

Challenge of Developing E-Content

The effort required to develop a complete teaching module is considerable. It is similar to writing a book. Unlike a book which is considered in university promotions for academic staff, a blog or web-based module will not count. Therefore, my strategy to add value to the e-content module that I will develop and to self-motivate is to design the module in such a way that it can be released in book format also. That means I will work with two structures but one content-set.

The module, titled "Website Design, Construction and Management" will be divided into three sections:
DesignConstruction andManagement of web sites