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VB in 2017

Visual Basic has been around a long time. The Basic language was developed starting 1964 by  John G. Kemeny of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, United States.  Microsoft started developing Visual Basic in 1990. VB 1.0 was released in 1991. The life of the original VB ended in 2008 when Microsoft stopped supporting VB 6.0

In 2002, When DOT NET came along, VB.Net was launched as part of Visual Studio .Net, the new IDE that was fully Object Oriented. As time went on a number of versions of the .Net framework developed including the Windows-only, Windows Store, WinRT(?), Mono and MonoTouch. Now 15 years later, Microsoft has moved to create a unified DOT NET framework that tries to merge all the different DOT NET frameworks into one framework called Dot  Net Core. Due to the usual pressure for backward compatibility, MS has promised that VB will continue to live and that DOT NET Core will accommodate the older versions. However, its clear that  MS wants to change tack. 

For example, DOT N…