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How to Stop Windows 10 Updates

It's not considered a good idea to stop Windows from downloading updates. Microsoft did not provide a simple way to stop these updates that can sometimes consume valuable data bundles when you need the bundles for critical work. It is especially tragic when you have no way to obtain more bundles and Windows consumes the little that is left which you planned to use for some crucial work. Indeed it can be a nightmare. Apparently the folks at Richmond do not understand the computing environment is a lot of places on this earth so they more or less deleted the feature in earlier Windows versions that allowed one to stop updates. 

Odd that the ransomware attacks are much more common in the developed world. This may be an indication that folks in developing countries are more adept at managing updates on their Windows machines. 

This post deals with a single issue: How to stop Windows updates in order to save data bundles. It is crucial to turn on updates at least once a month to ensure s…