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How to Set Up Youtube for Live Streaming - Part II [Multicamera Live-Streaming Events]

In order to live-stream  with multiple cameras with Youtube live, you need to set up at least one event. Then add cameras to this event. Each camera is associated with a stream. A stream consists of the address of the streaming server and the stream name/key as we saw in setting up smartphones for streaming and setting up Youtube for simple live streaming

Once the events, streams and cameras are set up, you switch to the Live Control Room from where you can preview the event, monitor the live stream through video and statistics (analytics) and turn off streaming. The Control Room interface includes an indication of stream health - whether the server is receiving data from you encoder and at what speed.

The steps involved in setting up for multi-camera streaming are as follows:

1. Sign in to a verified Youtube account. Verification requires that you have observed the rules for Youtube accounts and have not infringed on copyright in the last 90 days.

 2. Once you are logged in, locate the…

How to Set Up Youtube for Live Streaming - Part I

Streaming video live is very useful as a way to allow remote viewers to participate in an event. Common situations suitable for live streaming are church services, weddings, sporting events where an individual desires to participate without being physically present.

Youtube provides the ability to host live streams for free and without restrictions on viewership. You need to have a Google account. This tutorial assumes you already have a Google account. If you use Google mail (Gmail), you have a Google account. If your email ends in, you have a Google account. If you access your email by going to, you have a Google account. If your email app has the following icon
, you ave a Google account. If you have an Android phone, you most likely have a Google account!

Additionally, Google requires that the said account is of good standing. See these conditions

To get started, log in to and sign in (sign-in link is at top right). See illustratio…

How to Stream Live With Your Smartphone

Using Larix Broadcaster , you can stream live video and audio from a smartphone running Android, IOS or Windows. The steps are:
Download and install Larix from the link above.Configure LarixTest with the streaming server provided by whomever is hosting your live streamWhen requested, start sending your stream.
Before giving details explanations of how to configure Larix, its important to note one of two things about the stream:
Many people may be watching worldwide and its important to test and then, during the live stream, ensure only acceptable video and audio are sent to the server. The Larix website illustrates the connection between your phone, server and the viewer devices. Clear video requires planning your shot - from which direction? is the lighting good? will bright lights interfere? Is there traffic noise or other interference.Maintain your smartphone in  landscape orientationIf more than one person are to stream to the same server, be on standby and start your stream promptly…

How to Stop Windows 10 Updates

It's not considered a good idea to stop Windows from downloading updates. Microsoft did not provide a simple way to stop these updates that can sometimes consume valuable data bundles when you need the bundles for critical work. It is especially tragic when you have no way to obtain more bundles and Windows consumes the little that is left which you planned to use for some crucial work. Indeed it can be a nightmare. Apparently the folks at Richmond do not understand the computing environment is a lot of places on this earth so they more or less deleted the feature in earlier Windows versions that allowed one to stop updates. 

Odd that the ransomware attacks are much more common in the developed world. This may be an indication that folks in developing countries are more adept at managing updates on their Windows machines. 

This post deals with a single issue: How to stop Windows updates in order to save data bundles. It is crucial to turn on updates at least once a month to ensure s…