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VirtualRouter Misbehaving in Windows 8: "A device attached to the system is not working"

After trying the VirtualRouter for a while, it got inebriated and started giving out the error that "A device attached to the system is not working." After unsuccessfully trying to repair or re-install, I dug deeper and discovered that indeed a device was not working. Somehow the built-in WiFi card was turned off and couldn't be turned on with the F3 key (on this laptop its the F3 key that switches  wireless networks on & off). 
However, if you visit the Network Sharing Centre, select Change Adapter Settings then right-click on the WiFi adapter and select Diagnose, the diagnostic tool should report that your WiFi network is off. It  should either turn it on automatically or give you the option to turn it on.

VirtualRouter turns your PC into a WiFi hotspot. No need for those gadgets that do a very lousy job trying to be hotspots. The software is entirely free. The shared connection could be your modem or LAN.