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The Tensions of this Realm

The Tensions of this Realm

The earthly realm has its struggles. The most fundamental are those to do with our being and identity. Being is fact, not philosophy. Whether we are butterflies or mountains, we are. But beyond being and all its attendant mysteries, is the practical strife for sanity and balance in an increasingly insane world. 

This blog article is an attempt to list the sources of tensions in our spiritual (yes, spiritual), social and vocational existence - and in our relationships with the Creator. Some do not believe in a Creator but nonetheless, if you deny the existence of air that denial does not change the reality: You will continue to breathe and live. 
Therefore, from minute to minute, moment to moment, life is full of tensions. Here are some of them. Add the details for yourself. Extend the list yourself. After all, its your life...

1 Digital vs Analogue
2 Left vs Right
3. Christ vs The Rest
4. Educated vs Uneducated
5. Internationalised vs Localised
6. Tribal culture vs Global sophisticates
7. Peace vs War
8. Monogamy vs Polygamy
9. Lust vs Love
10. Flesh vs Spirit
11. Good vs Evil
12. Introvert vs Extrovert
13. Poverty vs Prosperity
14. Freedom vs Slavery
15. Light vs Darkness
16. Carrier vs Carried
17. Pain vs Pleasure
19. Famous vs Infamous
20. Sought-After vs Rejected
21. Agility vs Slothfulness
22. Industry vs Laziness
23. Focused vs. Dissipated
24. Sociable vs. Loner
25. Supportive vs Obstructive
26. Joy vs Depression
27. Diligent vs Negligent
28. Bright vs Dull
29. Wisdom vs Folly
30. Holy vs Profane

Above everything, the Messiah is coming soon. Prepare well


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